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Journey of a woman of taste...

Prudence, a woman on a journey strewn with flowers...
Born in Australia on Christmas day, she dreamed from her youth to create her own perfume.

Aged 25 she left Australia for London, then New York where she designed for renowned fashion houses. After marrying in 1987 Prudence & her husband bought a small Perigordine farm and there created a classic garden. She followed her husband to Hong Kong. Fascinated by the botanic & biological metamorphoses that create silk, a material dominant in Asia, she founded a company "Prudenzia" for which she designed sophisticated silk lingerie.

She had a cosmopolitan clientele and she regularly participated in the Salon de Lingerie in Hong Kong, Paris and Lyon. On leaving Hong Kong she came to live in France sharing her time between Perigord and Paris.



In 2003 in Paris she met Henri Moulié, one of the great French florists who raised her awareness of the floral arts in his Parisian Atelier beside the Assembleé National. There it was that her visual and olfactory senses were stimulated & led her to the creation of her perfume. She devoted herself to blending & creating essential oils to form the distinctive, but subtle perfume following the familiar path to Grasse to learn the secrets of distillation.

Her first perfume was created and naturally called "Prudence".


This was the end of the opening chapter of Prudence's story but another was about to begin.

Heartened by her initial success she visited Florence in 2008 to attend La Fragranze, one of the most important International perfume exhibitions. Appreciating the possibilities it offered she applied to and was accepted by the organising committee who placed her with other emerging designers in their section named "Spring" where she exhibited in 2009. During the exhibition she received invaluable advice from experts such as Dr Silvo Levy to further refine and develop the quality of her product.

This led to her designing four additional perfumes for women to give wider choice for her female clientele. These were labeled Prudence No 1, No 2, No 3 & No 4. For girls and teenagers she created Mademoiselle 1 & 2 containing notes of Citrus fruits and berry fruits respectively. In a country where pets are much loved dogs and cats were not forgotten as she designed with veterinary assistance an eau de cologne named "Polisson". Her complete range includes soaps, candles and household ambience faithful to her original recipe.

Finally she has developed a unique & sophisticated packaging with the help of an artisanal French paper mill which holds the coveted French award of "Enterprise PatrimoineVivante." The mill which has made hand made pure cotton based paper since the fifteenth century gives a great value added dimension to the product.

She exhibited at La Fraganze again in 2010 with considerable success and now has valuable clients throughout Italy, Russia and Eastern Europe.



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