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Scented Soap Prudence

Spoil yourself with it. There is a fine but creamy lather with its floral overtones of her perfume, it leaves you clean but softly and delicately scented. Prudence soap comes in three forms to give you choice

Soap in a form of a Perfume Bottle branded "Prudence" : a sophisticated touch in the bathroom. 120 g Ref. S01

Classic bar of toilet soap “Prudence”, 180 g
Ref. S02

The heart of “Prudence” for the romantically inclined looking for a present for a loved one.120 g, Ref. S03
For the House


Perfumed Room Freshener “Ambiance”

Prudence has created “Ambiance” for those who strive for a scented atmosphere in the home. It is composed of the following essential oils: lemon, orange, sandalwood, ylang-ylang and rose wood. A tonic and fresh new dimension to your interior.
Flask with Atomizer “Ambiance”, 50 ml,
Ref. S08

Perfumed Candle Prudence

Festive symbol for special occasions. The perfumed candle created by Prudence brings to your interior, floral notes at once subtle tasteful & romantic. When the candle is lit you are enveloped by a delicate and harmonious scent
Composition: 100% natural wax, 12% parfum
180 G in glass vase - dimensions 9 X 7,5 cm
candle life 35 hours, Ref. S06

“Prudence” scented water specifically for linen

Experience the pleasure of fresh linen perfumed with this water during the ironing process.

“Prudence” Perfumed water, 250 ml, Ref. S07

Scented soap Steuart
For the men a long lasting soap incorporating the new fragrance “Steuart”. 120 g, Ref. S04
Garden soap
Discover this original soap designed for the gardener ! In its composition are grains of coffee which have the effect of an exfoliant excellent for removing stains. The soap is 100% natural, made from essential oils of verbena, mint and honeysuckle. 250 grams, Ref. S05.
Ligne Prudence
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